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Official ACLS-Course (AHA) guided by physicians!

At our High-Tech Simulation Center in Austria – Tyrol



Catering, teaching material

CME points:

18 CME points are requested!


690 Euro

Course in Austria:

Near Innsbruck, Tyrol



16 hours

Partner Hotel:

4 star hotel available


official AHA certificate – American Heart Association

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What ist the ACLS course in Austria?

Our Advanced-(Cardiac)-Life-Support-Course is a real hands-on workshop! At our High-Tech simulator including Video debriefing facility, we play through the most important emergency medical situations in small groups.

Our simulator breathes, speaks, bleeds, wheeze, loses the pulse or gets heart racing. Everything like a real patient.  We simulate asystolia, pulseless electrical activities, ventricular fibrillation, strokes and other intraclinical, preclinical and intensive care cases. The artificial patient reacts to drugs and treatments like a real human being.

Mistakes can happen on the simulator. In this course you learn to avoid them. In the debriefing you will learn from mistakes. Top senior physicians and emergency doctors lead you to the perfect, guideline-conforming emergency reaction. You will get better every time you train different scenarios.

In the course you will receive an update of current guidelines according to AHA and ERC. You will receive the course book and the course documents in advance. At our Airway Station you will practice techniques such as mask ventilation, placement of tails and spiral tubes, use of laryngeal masks and tubes, as well as intubation with and without a video laryngoscope. On the CPR feedback device you practice and train the perfect, guideline-conform heart pressure massage.

At the end of the course you will take a practical and a written test. The training certificate and the internationally recognized AHA certificate are your reward for this intensive course.

Where will the ACLS course take place?

Innsbruck is a small town in Austria. We are surrounded by beautiful nature an huge mountains. You can go skiing, mountainbiking or hiking before or after your course. Our course is 5 min away from Innsbruck in Hall in Tirol.

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Hotel and Arrival

Our 4 star Hotel

You can book for only 80 Euros per day a nice 4 star Hotel next to our Simulation Center. Breakfast is included! You can book your hotel additionally to the course.

Airport 10 min away

Innsbruck Airport is only a 10 minutes drive away. We would be very happy to order a shuttle for you!

Railway Station:

The railway station is only 5 min away from our course! So feel free to come by train!

What do you learn in the ACLS course?

  • Detection of strokes, heart attacks, rhythm disorders etc.
  • Treatment of emergencies such as stroke, heart attack, etc.
  • The current guidelines according to AHA and ERC
  • Guideline compliant medical emergency reactions
  • Stress-resistant management of medical emergencies
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The program of the training days at a glance

ACLS Course Day 1 - 08:45 to 18:00
TimeProgramme PointType
08:45-09:00Welcome, RegistrationTheory
09:00-09:10ACLS Course Overview & Meet & Greet of ParticipantsTheory
09:10-09:30Update Guidelines 2015Theory
10:00-11:00Airway Management & i.o ApproachPractice
11:00-12:00CPR Training at the simulatorPractice
13:00-13:30The Megacode and Emergencyteam- Concept (Video) & CRMTheory
13:30-13:45Technical overview – Introduction into Gaumard SimulatorPractice
13:45-14:05Case-Training reanimation – ventricular fibrillationPractice
14:05-14:25Case-Training reanimation – asystolePractice
14:25-14:45Case-Training reanimation – pVT with ROSCPractice
15:00-15:20Case-Training reanimation – PEA (patient dies)Practice
15:20-15:40Case-Training reanimation – ventricular fibrillationPractice
15:40-16:00Case-Training reanimation – asystolePractice
16:00-16:55Acute Coronar SyndromTheory
16:55-17:00Summary and end of day oneEnd of day one
17:00-18:00Free practice under supervisionPractice
ACLS Course Day 2 - 09:00 to 18:00
09:00-09:10Offene Fragen vom VortagTheorie
09:10-09:30Der SchlaganfallTheorie
09:30-09:45Wiederholung Algorithmus Bradykardie / TachykardieTheorie
10:15-10:45Fallszenario SVT stabil (Adenosingabe)Praxis
10:45-11:15Fallszenario Bradykardie (Atropingabe)Praxis
11:15-11:45Fallszenario VT (instabil / bewusstlos)Praxis
11:45-12:15Fallszenario Bradykardie AV-Block III (instabil/Schrittmachertherapie)Praxis
12:15-13:00Fallszenario „Mixed“Praxis
14:00-16:00Gemischte Fallszenarien in der GruppePraxis
16:00-17:00Freies Üben unter AufsichtPraxis
17:00-17:30Schriftlicher TestTheorie
17:30-18:00Auswertung, Feedback, Ausgabe ZertifikateTheorie

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Who are your trainers?

At Simulation.Tirol, all courses are conducted only by experienced specialists, emergency doctors and proven experts. All trainers have high practical skills and know what is important.

What participants say about the emergency doctor refresher & Simulation.Tirol

The ACLS course convinces through its professional design and execution. A real workshop that deserves its name rightly. Practical and practice-oriented case studies with subsequent discussion even after 25 years of experience as an emergency physician brought some “new” things. A course for every level of training, whether beginner or “old hand”. See us at the latest in 2 years to the Refresher.

Dr. Oliver Grohs

Specialist in anaesthesia, self-employed, day clinic in Hessen

The last NA refresher at Simulation.Tirol was a very positive experience for me. Due to the individual work in small groups, the professional trainers, the pleasant atmosphere and last but not least because of the location, I can recommend the course without reservation!

Prim. Mag. Dr. Klaus Buttinger

Doctor, austrian health- and hospital-AG

I am really enthusiastic about this emergency doctor refresher course! I have already visited several emergency doctor refreshers, this one is by far the best. The instructors are extremely competent, humorous and helpful, who have come up with a great concept so that the participants and their patients really benefit from it in the end. Cases are played through in the small group with the best equipped doll, nobody really has to fear the debriefing in a friendly and collegial atmosphere, on the contrary, everyone can refine their knowledge and skills, under the motto “Mistakes usually only happen once, what goes wrong in the course can only go better in an emergency”. Many thanks for this experience, I can only warmly recommend the course at Simulation.Tirol, also the ambience around it is wonderful, it was certainly not the last one I made at Simulation.Tirol!

Dr. Barbara Vorlaufer

General practitioner, Emergency doctor, Self-employed

Now I’ve changed sides and attended a simulation course as a participant for two days, and I have to say, it’s really instructive, I really enjoyed it. You really do it very well, it’s a positive group dynamic and you respond very emphatically to all people! It was a great experience for me, thank you very much, and keep it up, greetings Corinna.

Dr. Corinna Zisler

Anaesthesia Senior Physician, University Clinic Innsbruck

The ACSL course is a prerequisite for hiring an intensive care nurse on the high seas. Simulation.Tirol prepared me in a very professional and competent way for possible emergencies on board a cruise ship. The designed scenarios were adapted to future working environments and experienced in a small group. The technical implementation by means of human-like high-tech simulators, video and audio recording and subsequent detailed analysis and debriefing are excellent and create a great learning effect and know-how increase. One experiences security and routine in dealing with life-threatening acute situations, as well as in the interdisciplinary cooperation with doctors, nurses and paramedics. The speakers of Simulation.Tirol have very well-founded knowledge, which they can convey well and practically. This course is therefore highly recommended for medical personnel. Thank you very much and ship ahoy.

Stefanie Pensold

Intensive care nurse, AIDA or COSTA Cruise Ship

In my opinion it was the best training I have ever done. No matter if group size, scenarios, exercise phantoms, sideeffects, debriefing and catering are absolutely top and therefore I as an experienced emergency paramedic NKV was able to refresh and extend my knowledge of the simulations. Finally, I can only warmly recommend the trainings of Simulation Tirol to every rescue service employee, no matter in which function!

Horst Maier

Emergency paramedic, Samariterbund Tirol

The ACLS course was one of the first I booked at Simulation.Tirol via the Internet. The days were really instructive. I was looked after very professionally, practically and familiarly. Immediately afterwards I booked further courses.

Peter Meyer

qualified nurse, Tirol Kliniken GmbH

In spring I had the opportunity to participate in a simulation day with the Maltese in the context of an ALS training.
Instead of in one of the usual classrooms, the exercise took place in the open air. This is especially worth mentioning as Dr. Pehböck and his team manage to keep all the equipment mobile. The resuscitation of an adult was practiced. The most striking features were the high degree of realism, no disturbing wiring, and every conceivable measure could be taken on the simulator. We also received immediate feedback from the “patient”, such as cyanosis or breathing noises. The process was recorded by cameras and microphones for the later briefing. The team then went through the process step by step using the videos. It was noticeable that Dr. Pehböck also knows the preclinical everyday life from practice. The perspective through the cameras and sound recording shows imperfection in the process very clearly. The tips of the simulation professionals could be implemented immediately in the next run. Overall, the simulation was a complete success, the personal feedback provided me with instructive tips and suggestions for improvement, and such a realistic scenario is simply an exciting experience.

Béla Garzuly

Emergency paramedic, Malteser

Your advantages in the course


small group lessons

Our courses are only held in small groups. This is how we guarantee you intensive supervision at the highest level.


100% tax deductible

All trainings at Simulation.Tirol are tax deductible for doctors and medical staff. You will receive a detailed invoice, as it is necessary for your tax office (also abroad).


Only AHA-certified senior physicians as trainers

Our trainers are all AHA-certified and come directly from the practice. All are senior physicians, emergency physicians and/or anaesthetists. We live what we teach.


Use of high-tech simulators

Our simulators breathe, turn blue, get high blood pressure, etc. You can give them injections, electric shocks – they simulate the reaction of a real patient.


Best debriefing unit on the market

We reproduce crystal clear images and sound. To maximize your learning effect, our debriefing unit consists of state-of-the-art stage technology with multiple cameras & microphones.


Catering & Ambience

Our training locations are upscale 4-5 star hotels and culinary care is very important to us. We want you to feel comfortable learning and to be able to fully focus on your course.


Interested? Sign up or make contact!

Dr. Daniel Pehböck, DESA

Gries 7
6161 Natters, Tirol

Tel.: +43 800 07 09 11
Mobil: +43 664 408 93 40